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Blue Canoe Now Available

Just a brief update to let everyone know that T.M. Wright’s new novel “Blue Canoe” is now available. Having read a .pdf of it , i can tell you it’s one of his very best, if not the best book he’s written. I’m working on a review and will have that up by the end of the weekend.  In the meantime order your copy here: http://store.pspublishing.co.uk/acatalog/blue_canoe_hc.html


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TM Wright Interview

Just a quick note to let you all know my interview with TM Wright is up at Apex magazine online.http://www.apexbookcompany.com/apex-online/2009/05/apex-interrogation-tm-wright/ This was my first interview, and am interested in hearing what you all have to say.


Edited to add that the site is having some problems, so if it doesn’t load, please try again!

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Some good news

I’ve finally found a home for my interview with TM Wright. While I can’t say just where yet, I am simply happy to have found a place for it.  Once I get the rest of my question back from Terry, it’s a matter of writing it up, doing some editing and sending it off. There will also be a nice piece of artowrk to his new novel Ble Canoe accompanying it.

Doing this interview meant a lot to me. For those who remember, when I started this blog almost a year ago, I did a review of his novella Eyes of the Carp. I talked about how much of an inspration he was to my own writing, and made me want to try my hand at fiction. Being able to do this interview, and have it read in a nice market, means a lot. Terry is not lny a great writer, but a hell of a nice guy too. It was an honor to be able to write this, and once some details are ironed out, I’ll post more info about where the interview will be published.

In other news, I spent Friday night with the first b/f I ever had in AZ. We ran into one another at the post office, and it was as if 25 plus years hadn’t passed. While I don’t think anything will develop from it, it certainly was a nice time and looking forward to seeing him again.

But it also got me thinking about another ex, one who I went out with for a far shorter time but left a far more permanent impression on me. I looked him up on facebook, and lo and behold there he was.

It’s been a week of reflection for me, and something that for once, wasn’t tinged with regret and remorse.

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Death in Common Blurb

Rich posted a blurb about Death In Common, from T.M. Wright over on SL.

Death in Common: Poems from Unlikely Victims brings unusual depth, creativity and chillingly potent imagery to what is often referred to as “horror poetry.” The poems within this unique volume are not simply horrific, they’re genuinely lyrical and wonderfully human stories as well, and that’s not easily accomplished by any poet, liviing, dead, or somewhere in between.

–T.M. Wright, author of “Bone Soup” (Cemetery Dance, 2009) and “Blue Canoe,” a novel (PS Publications, 2009).

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“You’ve started your literary career well; be pleased.”

So says, T.M. Wright after reading my poem, Childhood’s End. He was also kind enough to say, “I really like it–great imagery throughout and it ends beautifully.  Congratulations!”

This perhaps, is the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my life. In spite of having positive reviews for some self produced plays in the early 90’s in Berkeley, this means the most. T.M. is a writer I’ve been reading since the early 80’s. His novels, Strange Seed and Manhattan Ghost Story, are two of my favorite books, and he’s always been one of my favorite writers. 

For a full roster of everyone involved I suggest you go over to the Death in Common myspace page. This is going to be a great collection, with Bran Stoker winners, and heavy hitters contributing some of the best horror poetry yet to be seen. http://www.myspace.com/deathincommon

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