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With the election only 30+ days ago, and the IL senate seat vacant, Gov. Rod Blagojevich, decides the best way to fill the seat is to the higest bidder. I have no doubt these things occur all the time, for all kinds of vacancies, be they political or in an office; however this is utterly despicable. To so blatantly pimp out a seat for money is unconsiounable. Hell, I even had to look up the word so I knew how to spell it correctly. 

It saddens me that it’s a Democrat, but let’s face it, neither side of the aisle has ever had clean hands. But the fact Blagojevich was so damned blatant about his intentions is what makes it all the more infuriating. the fact he is recorded on wire taps saying “Fuck him,” when referring to Obama and filling the senate seat says more about the man than anything else.

Not a politician; not a trusted servant,; but a hack opportunist, who would turn tricks behind the governor’s mansion for 5 bucks a pop if given a chance.  This is not someone who belongs in politics, and will forever be an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. Good riddance to that piece of crap, and may he serve a long prison sentence with a nice, friendly cellie.


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Round Two

Not only did I watch the VP debate tonight, I also moderated the live chat with regular mudflats regulars for about 2 and a half hours. At this point, the question isn’t who won, but does it matter?

With Obama leading in many of the battleground states, McCain pulling out of Michigan, and new drama over troopergate (A judge refused to toss out the lawsuit within the last hour) Palin could have pulled rabbits out of her ass and it wouldn’t change a thing. 

Yes, she did better than I expected. By that I mean she didn’t fall off the stage, hit her head on the microphone, or perform as horribly as her interview with Katie Couric. She didn’t however, perform well enough to sway undecided voters. Where Joe Biden came off as intelligent, knowledgable and gentlmanly-Sarah came off as superficial, a walking barbie doll that could only repeat talking points. Her game plan seemed to be say a lot of words nd hope some make sense. Kinda like Pacione’s writing. Yet as we all know Nikita’s writing never makes sense. 

And neither did a lot of what Palin said. She has mastered the wink and perky grin (and I swear if I see one more wink from her-she’s being sued for sexual harrassment) as well as the lie and smear tactics that grampa Mac taught her. She was style (barely) with no substance. However for all her snark regarding Biden talking about the past (re: Iraq, the economy, etc) she spent even more time talking about being governor and mayor. Seems it’s okay for her, but no one else. 

No, she made no major gaffes, yet there was nothing there. Like McCain in his debate, it was talking point after talking point. Biden, consistently gave out facts, actually answered the questions and at one point choked up when he talked about seeing his child lay in the hospital bed not knowing if he would live or not. His son I mean, not Biden himself. He displayed the wit, intelligence and passion that this country desperately needs. 

Biden won this debate, no question about that. The fact Palin held her own, as best she could, simply wasn’t enough to ressurect the McCain decline.

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The politics of ignorance

I should know by now NOT to read political threads on shocklines. Nothing good could ever come out of doing so, but I did. And I have to say, for all the criticism I’ve made regarding Hank, what he’s said is nothing compared to dlatham. While I’ve always thought Hank was inteliigent if misguided and overly paranoid, dlatham is simply ignorant. 

The thread was regarding last night’s debate. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7031?page=1. Even NjHorror, who I’ve never had any liking for, and who has posted a lot of hate regarding Obama, and democrats in general reluctantly said Obama won. Then dlatham pops up and posts this,

 Since I’m a combat veteran, I’m going with McCain because he’ll take care of veterans. I couldn’t vote for Obama if he floated down from Heaven because I believe inside he’s a radical Muslim and I can’t get past his name since we’re at war with radical Muslims and he suddenly came out of nowhere.

Let that sink in. In spite of the fact McCain has voted against funing the VA several times in the last 10 years, and was against the GI bill introduced this summer, dlatham STILL thinks McCain cares about veterans. He also believes that limbaugh/hannity diatribe about Obama being a muslim. And Obama has a funny name. Graveside Tales also thinks Obama is a muslim as well, in spite of links pointing to the contrary, but I digress. Dlatham then goes on to say,

It’s not racist to say you won’t vote for someone because they are a Muslim. A Muslim wouldn’t likely vote for me because I’m not a Muslim. In fact, they would probably like to kill me. That’s my choice, but it’s not on race. Political correctness has done a lot to destroy this country and keep everyone at each other. To my thinking, we are at war with Muslims. They want to kill us. The entire damn world is a con, especially politics, and there is a sucker born every minute who believes the crap politicians say, because they never come through, ever. Nothing will change for the better no matter who wins. I believe most of you believe the extreme liberal news media too much. Obama doesn’t have a chance when the silent majority speaks.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people love to berate others for believing the “liberal” news media, yet believe everything they here on Fox news, and talk radio. That somehow these two outlets are the only ones capable of reporting truth and have no agenda.  The sad part is, he’s not alone. There are plenty of other ignorant lunatics out there who believe the same lies, because they can’t grasp the fact that an African American is more intelligent and capable of being President than a 72 year old Washington Insider who never met a banker he didn’t like until he was running for President. 
My mother told me a story once, about when her brother, my Uncle Al, married his wife Rose. My grandmother was born in Ireland and moved to the US with her two sisters when they became orphaned. She was very proud to be Irish, and when Al married Rose, a full blooded Italian, she didn’t speak to him for almost 3 years. Until the day my grandmother died, she and Rose never got along. I find it pretty damn sad that, that type of thinking could exist in 2008. Yet it does, and they support McCain/Palin and every other white christian, conservative whether they have the experience or the qualifications.
With so much wrong in our country, do we have to keep adding racism and ignorance into the mix?

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State of Mind

Aside from poor image quality, this 2 minute clip from Fish’s song state of mind is as relevant today as it was when written almost 20 years ago.

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Hey sarah, sarah

This was too funny not to post.

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Absolutely disgusted

I’m sick to my stomach right now. I’ve spent the last 35-40 minutes listening to sarah Palin give her acceptance speech. If EVER there was someone who shouldn’t be in the white house-even on a tour-it’s her. This was one of the nastiest, inept, and revolting speeches I’ve seen. It’s clear they’re going to try and make her a pit bull;however given the number of lies and attacks that littered her speech, it’s not going to do much good. 

She once again said she was against the bridge to nowhere, even though it’s been proven she was for it. 

She claimed she would be there for special needs parents, yet cut funding for special needs students in AK by 62%.

She had the nerve to critisize Obama’s experience, neglecting her own deficiencies.

And she discovered a new country; Eye-Raq. 

Obama and Biden compared the differences between what their administration would do compared to McCain. They both laid out plans, explained their reasoning and gave thoughtful, forward looking messages. 

The Republicans have YET to talk about the economy in any meaningful way-if at all-and refuse to talk about anything but 9/11 and MCCain being a POW. 

Romney, Guiliani, and Palin, all sickening, hateful and repugnant. and they all think their party deserves 4 more years? 

Not fucking likely.

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When VP nominees IM each other

A friend of mine sent me this in an email today and thought I would share it.

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That Gov!

One of the funniest things I’ve seen about politics recently. I’m still wiping coffee off my keyboard.


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An Alaskan’s perspective

Thanks to horror geek over at SL for pointing this out. I try and avoid writing about politics, though it’s one of my passions, but there are some things that have to be said, read and digested. This blog post is one:


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