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Larry the Thief – Update

Proving once again that any attention is better than none at all, Dagstine manages to hijack another thread and make it about him. In a quite innocuous thread, S.D. Hintz talked about your first job as a teenager.

Innocent enough, right? Then along comes Larry the Thief who says,

The tips back then ranged from 2 bucks to ten per delivery, throw the regular hourly rate on to that, then throw me “Helping Myself” here and there from the cash register or Lotto box (shhh….lol). That pay on some weeks was more like $15.00 per hour.


A thief is a thief is a thief, no matter the age. The fact he was a teenager and, presumably, knew wrong from right, and stole money is a crime. Thus, beginning the pattern of thinking everyone owes him something, rather than relying on his own efforts.

See, some things never change.


Update – Matt the Grinch

Just as Cussedness pointed out, Matt did lock the thread, and once more I’m left to wonder why? Was it our taking Daggy to task for theft that did it? RN Lee calling bullshit on the whole story? Or maybe Matt, frustrated that his Milton wunderkind is rejecting his overtures, got in a snippy mood and decided to take it out on those of us who know BS when they smell it.

Or maybe it’s because, Larry was Matt’s secret santa, (something Daggy made sure to advertise in another thread), and wanted to protect his “special” friends.


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The politics of ignorance

I should know by now NOT to read political threads on shocklines. Nothing good could ever come out of doing so, but I did. And I have to say, for all the criticism I’ve made regarding Hank, what he’s said is nothing compared to dlatham. While I’ve always thought Hank was inteliigent if misguided and overly paranoid, dlatham is simply ignorant. 

The thread was regarding last night’s debate. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7031?page=1. Even NjHorror, who I’ve never had any liking for, and who has posted a lot of hate regarding Obama, and democrats in general reluctantly said Obama won. Then dlatham pops up and posts this,

 Since I’m a combat veteran, I’m going with McCain because he’ll take care of veterans. I couldn’t vote for Obama if he floated down from Heaven because I believe inside he’s a radical Muslim and I can’t get past his name since we’re at war with radical Muslims and he suddenly came out of nowhere.

Let that sink in. In spite of the fact McCain has voted against funing the VA several times in the last 10 years, and was against the GI bill introduced this summer, dlatham STILL thinks McCain cares about veterans. He also believes that limbaugh/hannity diatribe about Obama being a muslim. And Obama has a funny name. Graveside Tales also thinks Obama is a muslim as well, in spite of links pointing to the contrary, but I digress. Dlatham then goes on to say,

It’s not racist to say you won’t vote for someone because they are a Muslim. A Muslim wouldn’t likely vote for me because I’m not a Muslim. In fact, they would probably like to kill me. That’s my choice, but it’s not on race. Political correctness has done a lot to destroy this country and keep everyone at each other. To my thinking, we are at war with Muslims. They want to kill us. The entire damn world is a con, especially politics, and there is a sucker born every minute who believes the crap politicians say, because they never come through, ever. Nothing will change for the better no matter who wins. I believe most of you believe the extreme liberal news media too much. Obama doesn’t have a chance when the silent majority speaks.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people love to berate others for believing the “liberal” news media, yet believe everything they here on Fox news, and talk radio. That somehow these two outlets are the only ones capable of reporting truth and have no agenda.  The sad part is, he’s not alone. There are plenty of other ignorant lunatics out there who believe the same lies, because they can’t grasp the fact that an African American is more intelligent and capable of being President than a 72 year old Washington Insider who never met a banker he didn’t like until he was running for President. 
My mother told me a story once, about when her brother, my Uncle Al, married his wife Rose. My grandmother was born in Ireland and moved to the US with her two sisters when they became orphaned. She was very proud to be Irish, and when Al married Rose, a full blooded Italian, she didn’t speak to him for almost 3 years. Until the day my grandmother died, she and Rose never got along. I find it pretty damn sad that, that type of thinking could exist in 2008. Yet it does, and they support McCain/Palin and every other white christian, conservative whether they have the experience or the qualifications.
With so much wrong in our country, do we have to keep adding racism and ignorance into the mix?

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How to be a nitwit in 6 posts or less

Going by the name AD.thenewabsurdistforum, this new Shockline member has shown how to be a nitwit in 6 posts or less. You’ll remember a brief mention of him from a post about Lorenzo last week when he called Janrae batshit crazy. He did everything to kiss AD’s hind quarters to get someone, anyone, to pay attention to him. well the oozefest continues. And not surprisingly, they go after the english language.


apparently, AD doesn’t believe you have to write using proper english. L33t speak, txt speak is perfectly acceptable. After all, according to AD, William Gibson wrote a short story using nothing but full stops and commas for grammar. New nitwit writes:

This is the 21st century and language is changing… communication has developed… ever sent a text message? Did you understand it? I wager you did. 

Why yes, I have sent text messages, and I generally understand what I write.  The question here is do you? Simply because one author wrote a story to experiment with style, does not make it okay to further corrupt the principles and rules of communication. So I would kindly suggest you learn how to write first, and then maybe experiment. Simply because language is changing (something very open to debate anyway) is not an excuse to write crap. 

But you’ve been tomoviewed so you know that by now.

and Lorenzo, ever the helpful parasite, posts a link to this article, for evidence. Read it and hurl. 


Class dismissed.

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I’m a heterophobe!

Well according to La Femme Nikita, I am. I mean he wouldn’t lie would he? He never lied about being 100% Italian. He would never send anyone a fraudulent paypal invoice. He’d never not pay a writer, would he? 

Here’s the complete insult, taken from his wordpress blog. 

 Raingods is the biggest raging HETEROPHOBE I’ve seen on here and some of these schmucks are going around pirating everything I guess this is giving them a permit to go pirating Tabloid Purposes II because Baxter got it shut down.

Let that sink in. On second thought, don’t. It could scar you permanently. Apparently Nikita was in such a rush , he forgot punctuation and grammar. Okay, he always does that, but can someone please tell send him a Strunk and White’s? 

And for the record, I’m not a heterophobe, I’m a douchephobe-an intense dislike for all nitwits.

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Full Metal Sleepsack

With TP II and IV being pulled because of Nikita not paying an author brave enough to fight back, La Femme, does what he’s best at, whining on his blog. His first entry for consideration is his rant about the author, who had the nerve to complain to Lulu, about a book with her story, that she hadn’t been paid for. 

 I should have guessed I was dealing with total cunt

Yeah, imagine someone expecting to be paid for their work! That cunt! See, Nickita doesn’t mind stealing work when it suits HIS purposes, but cries foul (and a whole load of other stuff) when someone parodies his own illiterate ramblings. 

I spoke to lulu.com about it and told them exactly what is going on. They are going to help me get the master copies of Tabloid Purposes II and the cover art back

Uhm, these are the same master copies you said you already have on your deviant art blog? do you even know what truth is? Can you even spell it?

Well moving on, he next whines about his conservative views being picked on.

I can’t voice a Conservative point of view on here. Since when was it illegal to have a Conservative Bias?

It’s not Nikita. In fact there are many conservative bloggers out there. The difference is, they don’t openly advocate the beating up of gays for entertainment purposes. They don’t post death threats on blogs. They don’t screw their authors for self published anthologies. They offer incite into their views on the world. 

 Go ahead and get the ass fuck organization on my ass, I am really not afraid there. 

Yes, we know how much you like having your ass fucking organized. Maybe you can put a hole in your sleepsack for easy access; though really, you’re a big enough asshole without doing that.

and for good measure, and if you have the stomach for it, Nikita was over on Rusty with his hate speech against Kody Boye. good going La Femme Nikita, does picking on a minor make you feel better about yourself? http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/boycott-my-renegade-author/#comments

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Nikita’s little secret

Thanks to Rusty for letting me put this up here. Everytime I see this I just giggle. Aside from the fact, it shows no proof that Nikita paid the writer (All it shows it that it cleared from his bank and into his paypal account), he also let out his dirty little secret.

Once you click on the image you see little lord fondlhimself was looking for bondage sleepsacks. Not being into bondage I had no idea what they were, so I went a googling and here’s what I found on wikipedia: Sleepsacks are a popular type of bondage (BDSM) gear. Sleepsacks are primarily used to confine a person comfortably for an extended period of time. [1] Similar to a conventional sleeping bag, a person climbs into a sleepsack and is usually zipped into it up to their neck. Generally sleepsacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of the experience.

now I find this more than a little creepy. Oh, not the item itself, but the fact Nikita is interested in one. While I think putting him in one and throwing him into the river would be jolly good fun, what would he plan on doing with one? Does Granny let him have visitors? Or does he have more sinisters motives? 

Now if you’ll excuse I need to bleach my brain.

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Nikita caught red handed

Thanks to an informant at Rusty Nail, we have the interesting story of some of LFM’s books being pulled off Lulu. Specifically, Tabloid Purposes 2 and 4. Seems Nikita is guilty of what he’s accused everyone else of, copywrite violations! Guess NIkita doesn’t feel the need to pay writers and steal their work is okay for him.

The full story can be found here: http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/temper-tantrum-in-3-2-1/

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Paging common sense for Mr. Philbin!

Leave it ti Mikkake, just as Nikita’s rants were getting even more boring (if that’s even possible), Phoolbin steps in to provide some fresh lulz. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6784?page=1.

Never one to have an original thought (detecting a pattern with the nitwits?), Mikkake relies on other certified loons for his coontroversy and conspiracy claptrap. Whether it’s his NWO obsession, his love affair with Alex Jones, or how the corporation is sticking it to the sheep, Mikkake fails to have any of his own ideas.

C’mon Mikkake, stop being lazy. I’m sure you have plenty of crazy ideas, other than the you’re being a good writer.

Don’t make me take my tin foil hat award away.

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La Femme Nikita’s Love letter

So I got a nice little email from Nikita, the subject is, Listen faggot. He writes:

You go aroind pirating someone’s works just because you hate the person.   I bet your mother is crying somewhere with you being a total douche, and a wannabe fandom wank.   I hate fags enough,  but people like you piss me off all the more.  Let people read the articles where they are at on associated content and let me earn the money from them.  If you really hate what I do you fucking douche then why the fuck you read it?

Dear Nikita,

Thank your your email! It means so much to me when you take time out of your schedule to send me one of your missives. It appears however, you have little understanding of what piracy is, or what compels me to spend my precious time documenting your antics. We have all tried so very, very hard to explain to you what exactly piracy is, and what it’s not. I’m sorry that even with your high IQ you still can’t comprehend.

As for what you put on Associated Content, really Nikita, it’s just not worth the money. trust me on this. Your anthologies, stories, and whatnot aren’t worth the paper they get printed on or the bandwidth that’s wasted on the web. It’s incoherent, riddled with bad spelling, atrocious grammar, and is guilty of the worst sin a writer can make: it’s boring. I read it, so others can spare their sanity. I’m like John McCain that way; I suffer for others. Had his captors read your work to him, he would have broken in a split second. 

As for my mother, she loves and cares about me very much, which is more than I can say for yours. Keep in touch!


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All in the family tree

Or in the same trailer park, as the case may be. Our ace investigator from Illinois, simply can’t get his Own facts straight. He writes here http://npacione.wordpress.com/2008/09/14/the-progress-on-new-short-story/

Seems like The Rusty Nail is getting her facts wrong again,  the cousin who did the family tree fucked up on the site, 

So who got the facts wrong? Rusty, or another member of your dimbulb family who doesn’t even know their own relatives?

I am part of a blended family too. 

So your continued insistence on being 100% Italian is a lie, too? well know, there’s a shock.

They are picking on the in-laws

Uh, Nikita, in-laws are related by marriage. you’re not married (and never will, given that every woman in America would have nothing to do with you) so who exactly are you referring to?

 As of tomorrow my number will be active but need to get a phone for it to work because it is operating on my relatives old phone jack. 

You have to love that logic! Of course it’s the phone that allows the new number. Nikita once again flexes his IQ and can’t even raise a mosquito bite of a muscle.

  I am still doing new stories got a contributor I am waiting on and saw his story on WritersCafe.org.

Okay, I give, what does one have to do with another? does this contributor know he won’t get paid like the others who haven’t been paid? 

Remember, this can happen to you if you’re not careful:

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