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Second Verse, Same as the First

Our poor, put upon Nikita has some new whine out on his blog. It’s a bitter tasting, white wine (we all know Nikita doesn’t like anything other than white) with dregs of past pressings clumping at the bottom. He starts this one off with the second biggest laugh of the day,

Seems that I got no privacy and the fuckers The Rusty Liar and ExposeTheFucktard figured out ways to vialate those very freedoms in the United States — the right to privacy

Nikita, this is the internet, where privacy is just a word to look up on dictionary.com. Now, even when John McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, NIkita tries to hide behind BUsh’s anti piracy czar. Such is NIkita’s delusions of grandeur he thinks that the publishing world lives and dies by his writing. That if it doesn’t get published, the industry will suffer.

News flash LA Femme NIkita, the industry will thrive even more without your writing poisoning the well. It makes room for those who have talent.

Intellectual properties need to be protected a hell of a lot more now especially since more authors are opting to publish themselves; and this is something that comes into attack often the self-published author gets pirated worst than the mass market one and it hurts the self-released author more than the mass market guy but either way it hurts.

Trus us NIkita, you’ll never have to worry about anything involving the word intellectual.

And in other news, Dagstine ate a lot of candy and felt the need to share it over on Shocklines. That sound you hear is an entire messageboard not caring.


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Attack of the 50 foot Ant

Ant has a couple of great articles up on AC, regarding La Femme Nikita.




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11 Years Online and Still Incoherent

Nikita seems to be in one of his posting frenzies again. http://nickolauspacione.blogspot.com/2008/10/in-11-years-ive-been-online.html. And like his other posts, it’s rambling, full of lies, self delusion and lulz. 

I only had to change servers only three times. I am just getting everything set up for getting a laptop so I can be mobile with running Lake Fossil Press that means when I am signing books I can edit the other anthologies.

Let’s pretend that’s not a run on sentence for a minute. First, Nikita, if you mean ISP’s, then frigging say, ISP; they’re not servers. Not that I expect you to know anything basic like that. Common knowledge seems to be out of reach, even for your high 70’s IQ. Second, who edits anthologies while doing a signing? Do you even understand what you write? I may make some spelling errors, or forget some punctuation but I generally catch them and correct them. 

 A few assholes got mad and decided to force me off one server saying I had a lot to blame for it, that’s bullshit and they know it. 

Again, it’s not a server, it’s an ISP. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Bet you didn’t know that. I admit, I thought it meant irritating stooge pacione, but I was corrected. no one forced you off anything Nikita, your OWN actions caused that. Jesus, when are you going to stop playing victim, and realize your being an asshole is what gets you banned and kicked?

  That will be the start of the furniture search too, and storage space for it. Yeah storage will be a bitch but it’s almost needed becausE I do live in a full house. I know that I will be getting another apartment again eventually, a matter of when and trying to find something based on my income as long it doesn’t look like a total dive. Digital TV, damn that’s also a possiblity too. When I get on my own again I will have DSL and wireless.

Yeah, because it’s always better to get furniture first, pay for storage and then find an apartment. If you need to find something based on your income, I have a cardboard box I can send. Your income is an SSI check. If you weren’t such a lazy, leeching pile of greasy hair, and got an actual job, you might be able to afford something other than granny’s basement. 

But like your ability to write anything worth reading, it’ll never happen.

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Dialup or Wireless-Nikita is Still Talentless

Okay, I’m a bit late to talk about Nikita’s latest scrawlings across his blogs, but being a follower of all things political, it’s been a bit busy lately. now with a couple of days off I can catch up and work on the podcast. Over on blogspot, NIkita starts off with,

Can’t do anything really interactive yet with this blog or with main website until I get Verizon in here;

So either comcast or his granny finally gave him the boot. I’m proud of the small part I was able to play in that, as maybe La Femme, will finally understand, that his actions have consequences. 

 Pay in advance as how I want to get this set up.

Uhmm, yeah.

I’ll get back to his internet in a minute, because a bit later in the blog, he talks about how he pays his writers; you know those poor bastards who haven’t done their homework and think Nikita is actually a publisher, or talented.

 There are 15 authors and they will be paid intervals of six starting November since the book is just out. The authors are paid via PayPal and right out of my own pocket.

So he’s going to self print a book when only 6 of 15 writers are getting paid, if he even pays them. We all know NIkita’s history of paying writers. If I was one of the other 9 writers not getting paid, I’d be pissed. Pissed enough to tell Lulu my work was stolen.  and who else’s pocket would the money come out of? You’re the frigging “publisher”, you’re damn right you should be paying them you moron.

Okay back to his internet drama.

 I am looking at just under $60.00 for Verizon a month and that is unlimited access 

Plus the deposit. And given his upscale, two kitchen livin’, that’ll be about 250 bucks. Plus the wireless modem. Wireless through verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, et al, require either a smartcard or a USB wifi modem, it can’t be accessed through regular wifi cards. And Verizon has a 5 gig download cap. He must have had Dagstine or Phoolbin do the research for him on that. 

  Netzero is handy don’t get me wrong for under $20.00 a month, 

It’s 9.95 a month, my mother uses it. 

 Who is to blame really for me losing access to Comcast? Not really myself, but I have to say one asshole who was pissed off at the fact he got in trouble for violating my copyright on another article I wrote for AssociatedContent.com so he wanted to get a little payback in there by giving the abuse contact information for Comcast – that fucker is to blame for it happening so I am trying to keep commenting on asshole bloggers to a minimum because I am not going to risk losing these accounts too. The reason I don’t have my own account with Comcast is because of the ex-room mate failing to return the box and modem then opened her account using the modem saying, “I already do have a modem and box.” I didn’t really have to change servers a few times, but Earthlink I let go because of money problems – and that will be paid off within the next month too seeing if I can get that going as one of the backups for my wireless.


Yes, Nikita, it’s never your fault. We all write hate posts and send death threats to ourselves. We send ourselves bogus paypal bills as well. Look NIkita, I know you have the attention span of a retarded fly, but I never got in trouble for putting up your AC article. WordPress never asked me to take it down, I did it on my own. After 5 days of it being up, everyone who would ever read it, already had.  And then he blames his ex roommate, and everyone else, yet still doesn’t see it’s his own innate assholeness that causes his problems.  He does say he’s keeping his commenting to a minimum, not because he’s seen the error of his ways, but he doesn’t want to have his accounts taken away.

Here’s a tip, Nikita, if you stop posting hate speech you don’t have to worry about your accounts being taken away. 

Let’s take a stroll over to his wordpress blog now. Come now, don’t be afraid, I’ll hold your hand, just mind your shins, as a greasy haired troll might jump as high as he can and hit you with a copy of TP 2 or 4. Oh wait, those were taken down from lulu for copyright infringement. He says over here, 

 I was looking forward to getting on them since yesterday and I get a large memory limit so I have to keep that to a minimum. I thought about getting WebTV too for just doing other things on here. I designed my website originally so people on WebTV wouldn’t have any trouble navigating the site. I guess with this being done I can go back to updating my main website to see what I can do in making it a little more interactive once again.

Well you know, doesn’t everyone design their websites for the millions of Web TV users? I call bullshit. The day NIkita thinks of someone other than himself, is the day he’ll write a sentence that contains no spelling or grammar errors. 

So with that some of you who know me in real life might be reading this blog, and just to warn you I will have a lot of offensive terminology in there, 

Notice he says, some of you who know me, and not friends. Even he knows that having him call anyone his friend is a lawsuit waiting to happen. And anyone who has the misfortune of knowing him in real life already knows how offensive he is. 

Earlier, he mentioned having a large memory limit. Guess he did find out there’s a 5 gig cap, but it’s not memory you ignorant prat. 

Then again, in NIkita Land, the one brain celled fool is King.

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The further adventures of Captain butthurt

Nikita has awakened from his slumber after giving us all a break from his ramblings with a brand new piece on Associated Content. http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/26/nicky-on-ac-regarding-cybertrolls/. Rusty has posted screenshots of his latest piece, and quite frankly, it’s simply more of the same. WHAAAAA! People are picking on me!!! Whaaaaaa! They’re stealing my work and being poopie heads! Rusty did a superlative job of deconstructing the troll, and I couldn’t add much more than this: I’d like some cheese to go along with that whine, please.

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I’m a heterophobe!

Well according to La Femme Nikita, I am. I mean he wouldn’t lie would he? He never lied about being 100% Italian. He would never send anyone a fraudulent paypal invoice. He’d never not pay a writer, would he? 

Here’s the complete insult, taken from his wordpress blog. 

 Raingods is the biggest raging HETEROPHOBE I’ve seen on here and some of these schmucks are going around pirating everything I guess this is giving them a permit to go pirating Tabloid Purposes II because Baxter got it shut down.

Let that sink in. On second thought, don’t. It could scar you permanently. Apparently Nikita was in such a rush , he forgot punctuation and grammar. Okay, he always does that, but can someone please tell send him a Strunk and White’s? 

And for the record, I’m not a heterophobe, I’m a douchephobe-an intense dislike for all nitwits.

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Full Metal Sleepsack

With TP II and IV being pulled because of Nikita not paying an author brave enough to fight back, La Femme, does what he’s best at, whining on his blog. His first entry for consideration is his rant about the author, who had the nerve to complain to Lulu, about a book with her story, that she hadn’t been paid for. 

 I should have guessed I was dealing with total cunt

Yeah, imagine someone expecting to be paid for their work! That cunt! See, Nickita doesn’t mind stealing work when it suits HIS purposes, but cries foul (and a whole load of other stuff) when someone parodies his own illiterate ramblings. 

I spoke to lulu.com about it and told them exactly what is going on. They are going to help me get the master copies of Tabloid Purposes II and the cover art back

Uhm, these are the same master copies you said you already have on your deviant art blog? do you even know what truth is? Can you even spell it?

Well moving on, he next whines about his conservative views being picked on.

I can’t voice a Conservative point of view on here. Since when was it illegal to have a Conservative Bias?

It’s not Nikita. In fact there are many conservative bloggers out there. The difference is, they don’t openly advocate the beating up of gays for entertainment purposes. They don’t post death threats on blogs. They don’t screw their authors for self published anthologies. They offer incite into their views on the world. 

 Go ahead and get the ass fuck organization on my ass, I am really not afraid there. 

Yes, we know how much you like having your ass fucking organized. Maybe you can put a hole in your sleepsack for easy access; though really, you’re a big enough asshole without doing that.

and for good measure, and if you have the stomach for it, Nikita was over on Rusty with his hate speech against Kody Boye. good going La Femme Nikita, does picking on a minor make you feel better about yourself? http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/boycott-my-renegade-author/#comments

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Everybody in the pool!

Well if it’s not NIkita extorting people for money, stealing their stories or finding sleepsacks, it’s Phoolbin with his tinfoil brigade. and now we have Douchestain being an uteer and total prick. Again. 

It starts at shocklines (well of course it does, what doesn’t start there?) Where a butt hurt author who got tomoviewed here http://tomoview.net/forum/index.php?topic=14185.0, whines about elitism. Douchestain makes a snarky comment about Janrae in the guise of railing against the very same people he tried to fit in with a few months back on Odark.  Janrae defends herself and Douchestain then has the gall to call her batshit crazy.

Look you nitwits, I work 10 hours a day, try to write, play World of Warcraft, keep up with the info on Palin over at mudflats, and keep up on my blog.; would you cooridinate your meltdowns so they don’t all happen at once? sheesh.

And Lorenzo, if you really want to see batshit crazy, look in the mirror.

time for me to settle a score with a dwarf (and I don’t mean La Femme Nikita).

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Nikita’s little secret

Thanks to Rusty for letting me put this up here. Everytime I see this I just giggle. Aside from the fact, it shows no proof that Nikita paid the writer (All it shows it that it cleared from his bank and into his paypal account), he also let out his dirty little secret.

Once you click on the image you see little lord fondlhimself was looking for bondage sleepsacks. Not being into bondage I had no idea what they were, so I went a googling and here’s what I found on wikipedia: Sleepsacks are a popular type of bondage (BDSM) gear. Sleepsacks are primarily used to confine a person comfortably for an extended period of time. [1] Similar to a conventional sleeping bag, a person climbs into a sleepsack and is usually zipped into it up to their neck. Generally sleepsacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of the experience.

now I find this more than a little creepy. Oh, not the item itself, but the fact Nikita is interested in one. While I think putting him in one and throwing him into the river would be jolly good fun, what would he plan on doing with one? Does Granny let him have visitors? Or does he have more sinisters motives? 

Now if you’ll excuse I need to bleach my brain.

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Nikita caught red handed

Thanks to an informant at Rusty Nail, we have the interesting story of some of LFM’s books being pulled off Lulu. Specifically, Tabloid Purposes 2 and 4. Seems Nikita is guilty of what he’s accused everyone else of, copywrite violations! Guess NIkita doesn’t feel the need to pay writers and steal their work is okay for him.

The full story can be found here: http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/temper-tantrum-in-3-2-1/

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