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Full Metal Sleepsack

With TP II and IV being pulled because of Nikita not paying an author brave enough to fight back, La Femme, does what he’s best at, whining on his blog. His first entry for consideration is his rant about the author, who had the nerve to complain to Lulu, about a book with her story, that she hadn’t been paid for. 

 I should have guessed I was dealing with total cunt

Yeah, imagine someone expecting to be paid for their work! That cunt! See, Nickita doesn’t mind stealing work when it suits HIS purposes, but cries foul (and a whole load of other stuff) when someone parodies his own illiterate ramblings. 

I spoke to lulu.com about it and told them exactly what is going on. They are going to help me get the master copies of Tabloid Purposes II and the cover art back

Uhm, these are the same master copies you said you already have on your deviant art blog? do you even know what truth is? Can you even spell it?

Well moving on, he next whines about his conservative views being picked on.

I can’t voice a Conservative point of view on here. Since when was it illegal to have a Conservative Bias?

It’s not Nikita. In fact there are many conservative bloggers out there. The difference is, they don’t openly advocate the beating up of gays for entertainment purposes. They don’t post death threats on blogs. They don’t screw their authors for self published anthologies. They offer incite into their views on the world. 

 Go ahead and get the ass fuck organization on my ass, I am really not afraid there. 

Yes, we know how much you like having your ass fucking organized. Maybe you can put a hole in your sleepsack for easy access; though really, you’re a big enough asshole without doing that.

and for good measure, and if you have the stomach for it, Nikita was over on Rusty with his hate speech against Kody Boye. good going La Femme Nikita, does picking on a minor make you feel better about yourself? http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/boycott-my-renegade-author/#comments


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Attack of the New York Dilettante

Not content to attack Janrae, Dungstain has gone after Kody Boye as well. Kody did an awesome job defending himself and handing another smackdown to the dim bulb Dagstine. http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/mp-butthurt-sl-thread/

And in an effort to try and look relevant, he also started a new thread about homophobia vs writing, and he actually trots out the old, “some of my best friends are..” in an attempt to not look like what he’s attention whoring about. http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/6251. The actual quote is:

Now mind you, I have two gay couples for best friends, who are the most down-to-earth and trustworthy people on the face of the planet; that’s why I chose them to be my kid’s Godparents.

Well, damn Lorenzo, how benificent of you. If you had more aspirations in that thread, other than to stir shit and keep your name in constant, it might be worth commenting on. However, you’re not. Like Phleabitten and Dudgeon who continually bump the thread about his interview (a thread I may add that has 698 views and 13 comments from the same 3-4 people including Dungstain) you care only about trolling. You try and smear a 16 year old, whose writing is vastly superior to your own; who shows more intelligence in one post than your 1020 posts combined; and who will undoubtedly have far more success than you could ever possibly imagine. You post about homophobia, but miss the point completely about why it’s been talked about, once again showing just how lacking in research ability you possess.

You don’t care about the writing process. You care about what it brings. In the end, you’re a lazy, crybaby because in spite of the finery you think you’re shrouded in, we all see the naked truth.

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