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Posts have been a bit slow, as there’s not been much to write about recently. For those interested, I have pics from my mountain getaway posted over here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2012676&id=1465911984. It was a well deserved and much needed getaway. My only complaint is it wasn’t long enough (insert dirty joke here).  It rained the first day we were there, but much sun and low temperatures the next 3 days. There are cabins to rent there that can house up to 22 people and I was thinking what a great place for a writer’s getaway sometime.  Lakeside/Pinetop is one of my favorite places in AZ, and I hope to get there more often.

While the housing market is seeing a bit of an upturn, the job market here is still sadly depressed. It’s slow going finding a job, and while I have 3 months or so left on unemployment, before applying for extended benefits, it’s looking rather grim right now. At least it gives me time for my writing, a great segue into…

Barbed Wire Kisses is coming along slowly. I had a writing spurt yesterday of 2600 words for a scene I had problems writing. It was one of the more graphic and violent scenes I’ve written, and it was hard to get through, but at least it’s done.  As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a fairly slow writer, most days I write 1000-1500 words; I take my time and sort of edit as I go, and while it may not work for others it works for me. As a consequence it takes me awhile to finish my work, though I’m far happier with the final result than if I whip through something. I’ve done a lot of research on AZ in the late 1800’s, including mining towns, the army forts, the apache wars, etc, in an effort to add as much detail and realism as I can. In the end I’ve still taken plenty of liberties with the geography, and have no problems with that as I’ll say so on an acknowledgments page, but still, it’s been a lot of work.

My Mom has now officially the 21st Century and gotten herself a facebook page. I  swear if she gets a twitter account, I’m giving up my net access!


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Gone Fishing

What a week it’s been. I started to get a boil on my ass late last week, and all this week it’s been festering, until it finally came to a head last night and popped. for about 9 days I couldn’t sit-or do it for very long, and writing was impossible.  Bad enough, but I’ve had a trip to Pinetop scheduled for this weekend, and wasn’t looking forward to a 4 hour drive with a boil on my sit upon. Thankfully it’s better now, and I can at least sit without the pain I had.

Tomorrow I take my cat to the “pet resort” for boarding, and I’ll stay at my Mom’s, and then Sunday we head off to cooler climes. The last 7 of 8 days the temp here has been 112 or above, and I’m ready for a break. I’ll be back Wednesday and hope to have some pictures to post. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, as well as my my Sprint wifi modem, but unsure if it will work there. If not I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if it does, I’ll do some blogging while I’m there.

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New kitty Garp is adjusting nicely, aside from his obsession with watching the water swirl down the toilet. The sound of a flush is enough to send him running out of a dead sleep. I’ll try and get a picture posted as soon as he sits still long enough for one.  He loves playing and running far more than I have the energy for, but I do it anyway.  He’s a sweet cat, and I’m glad I have him in my life.

The writing is coming along nicely, if not quickly. Death In Common should be coming out in the next few weeks; I’m waiting for notes on my other poem for the second DIC collection, and Barbed Wire Kisses is almost ready to be sent out for some critiques (well the first chapter anyway).

Summer is sort of my hibernation season. As the temperature goes up, my productivity seems to go down. Quite honestly, when the temp goes over 105, I’m pretty useless.  Still, I’m trying to get at least 1000 words a day done on the rewrite of BWK.

This will be a laid back weekend. Watching the musical 1776 with my family, gril some burgers and watch some fireworks. Oh, and laundry. Lots of laundry.

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Okay, so I’m writing this from my iPod touch.
Not a way to do it on a regular basis but will do in a pinch.

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