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American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures, and this year was certainly no exception. From the beginning I was an Adam Lambert fan, and in fact, he’s been the first contestant of all 8 seasons that I bought singles from itunes. His sexuality played very little into my liking him, I simply like his voice.

Scratch that, I love his voice.  I love his theatricality and the way he changed around songs every single week. He didn’t have one weak performace. Even ring of Fire-love it or hate it-was something you didn’t forget.  

And yet Kris Allen wins. Once again, America goes for the boring, safe, unoriginal singer as opposed to someone with true artistry. And that’s okay. After all, he now has to release that awful song, fourth judge Kara wrote. At least Adam was spared that embarrassment.  Adam is also spared having to go through the mill of AI promotion, and conceding his personality to the machine of corporate greed.

In the end, Adam will ultimately prove himself to be the true winner, while Kris goes the way of Fantasia, Reuben and Taylor, who sunk ever so quickly into obscurity.


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  1. How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

    Comment by Cynthia | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. You mean, Kris will end up like this guy?

    Makes me think I trully missed something by skipping Idol this season.

    Comment by rich | May 22, 2009 | Reply

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