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NJHorror and the Backstabber

Two faced, back stabbing piece of shit, to be exact. 

Me, to be specific. NJHorror has never been the most stable of posters, however his actions over the past day or two have truly elevated him to unblanced loon status. It never fails, when he’s taken to task for his ignorance on politics, he resorts to nitwit levels of namecalling, footstamping and all around idiocy. This thread in particular is where he calls me out on being two faced and backstabbing. http://theotherdarkplace.com/mboard/index.php?topic=16579.0 .

To be two faced and backstabbing would necessitate my having done something to him in the past that would dictate I’ve agreed with him on something, and then turned around and done/said something else.  

I haven’t. In fact I’ve never agreed with NJ on anything when it comes to politics. His non political posts are for the most part amusing, and manage to evoke a smile. Yet, when he gets on his political high horse, and gets his facts wrong, he becomes delusional and unhinged. In that, he shares some infamy with others like TrentTaylor, DL Murphy/Graveside Tales, John Morrisey, and closet case Alkilyu. None of them are rational when it comes to politics, and spend vast amounts of energy namecalling, and reaching pinnacles of assholism rarely seen outside the Legion. Rich Ristow does take the high road with the miscreants. Rich is a great guy, and has the patience of a saint.

I however, give as I get. I’ve never claimed to be something I’m not, as NJ has. Outside of the nitwits, I’ve never gone to any of their blogs to take things out of context (and to be fair nothing I  take from the nitwits IS out of context); I’ve only ever been tru to myself and my beliefs. Yet somehow in NJ’s warped thinking I’ve become a backstabber and twofaced.  Oh, and a piece of shit. This is the best NJ can do. Not armed with anything resembling facts, he hurls invective at myself and others who have to prove to him when he has something wrong. Whether he is a huge supporter of the horror genre or not, an asshole is an asshole, and I have no problem labeling him, Trent, Alkilyu, Murphy, and Morrisey as such. 

Nor have I or would I purchase anything of theirs or support their work. And they’re free to do the same with mine.  I do tell people to avoid certain publishers, and certainly write about it on my blog as well. And if they read this and comment, I’ll post them. I have never deleted any comments by anyone at any time.

No matter how wrong they may be, they are entitled to have their opinion, and everyone else is entitled to take them to task.


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Matt’s scissors and Trent’s insult

There was a thread on SL that NJHorror started about PA Senator Arlen Specter changing political parties.  My first mistake was opening the thread knowing its author and the title, but I’ve been having stomach problems this week and my resistance was low. To make a long story short, I took NJ to task for another rant. Then Trent spoke up. I don’t have a screen capture but did at least copy the post I replied. Needless to say Matt deleted the thread less than an hour later.

trenttaylor wrote:

“LOL! NJ, I like you, but stick to things you know, like food, books and movies. Politics is beyond you. ” 


A quick look at your blog shows the things you know – like having penpals with only the gay drug-offenders in prison. Dude. 


You know Specter is credited with the Magic Bullet Theory in the JFK assassination, right? I don’t see why the left is saying he’s “DA MAN”, plus, he helped a murderer escape bail in 1979.



Ah Trent, I’m hurt to the quick. but your comparison is-like everything else you say-asinine. Number one: I never said I liked Specter. However he’s not the only politician to ever jump ship. Current Texas governor was a Democrat until he jumped ship in 1989 for the same reason, saving his career. Specter acknowledged that’s why he changed. Show me anywhere I said anything about liking and or agreeing with Specter. you can’t, because I never said anything like that. now, if you want to read my blog, and take something out of context, which is a typical rethuglican maneuver, go right ahead. Feel free to ignore everything else I wrote in that entry and use only what suits you. It has no bearing on the topic, but only points out just how mean, jaded and pathetic you are. If anyone is interested in what Trent is referring to, get the real story here, http://raingods.wordpress…09/04/02/biding-my-time/ and don’t depend on him to do anything but try and smear someone for trying to do some good. you know nothing about doing good, Trent. You only care about tearing people down; which is why you and your right wing buddies are out of power. When in doubt, don’t bother to think, smear, smear, smear. And you owe me an apology for that, though you won’t be man enough to ever give one.

What I take exception to, of course, if Trent the douchebag’s use of my blog to somehow justify his own warped thinking. It was unnecessary, hurtful and typical of his ilk. It’s trolls like him that have caused the problems we as a society face today. His support of a dead, uncaring party, and his ugly, mean spirited behavior earn him a golden douche bag of the year award. Sadly, he’ll never see the light. It’s hard to do that when your head is so far up your ass, as Trent’s is.

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What A Weekend…

Still a bit too out of sorts to report the whole weekend, but I do have a pic, I really like from my nephew David’s wedding. It’s him, myself and Mom on a swing.



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Larry and the Glass House

Never one to let a bandwagon go by that he won’t jump on, Dimstain now takes on Stephanie Meyer’s book The Host.


now Larry, I have no love for her work. I couldn’t even get past the first page of Twilight, let alone want to try anything else she’s put out; however, as bad as her writing is, it’s still miles above and beyond anything you’ve ever written. Perhaps when you stop making logical leaps (splintering marble rolling pins come to mind), them maybe you might have a right to say something. Of course, that’ll never happen, as you seem to think you have talent, and that all your 4theluv subs actually mean something.

They don’t. In fact they illustrate how bad your writing truly is, as pro markets won’t even touch them.

And then over here, http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/10527 , Sir Dimalot threatens us with a “historical weird tale” of Cleopatra. Apparently the King Tut exhibit has emboldened him once more. Still, if it’s anything like his other work, it will no doubt only be good for the lulz, and not worth the paper it no doubt, won’t be printed on.

Larry, I think you should think about getting a real job, this writing thing isn’t your strong suit. If I see any openings for freelance douchebags I’ll let you know.

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56 Zombies

Scott Johnson from myextralife.com is doing a series of drawings, entitled 56 Zombies. I urge you all to check it out, as well as his other work. He is not only a great web comic artist/writer, he’s also a hell of a nice guy.

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Ebay auctions

Well, I’ve been selling some things on ebay in order to keep up on rent etc, and though I’ve been doing this for a month now, never thought about posting about it on my blog. At this point, I’ve got some DVD boxed sets up for auction. If anyone who’s interested in checking it out and maybe bidding, I’ll direct you to what I have for sale here:


If you have any questions please let me know. I’ll also have some more DVD’s going up for sale within the next week, as well as my 4th gen ipod Nano.  I’d appreciate any bids you might want to place.

End of pimping my wares.

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How Amazon Lost a Customer

By doing this: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2009/04/amazon-deranks-gayfriendly-books-the-twitterverse-notices.html

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A Father’s Words

There are times, when I read something so profoundly moving, I’m left speechless. This is one of those times.

Whitney Smith was a criminal. Make no mistake about that. He was in prison for crimes he committed. However, there’s a fine line between paying one’s debt to society and having that debt overwhelm you.

On Saturday night, Whit took his life, no longer able to cope with the horrors of incarceration. There may be many who won’t shed a tear, or think “Don’t do the crime, if  you can’t do the time.”. What these people forget, is they still have families, fathers, mothers, sisters brothers, daughters and sons.  There are those who still care, even though society would have you believe they have no worth.

Whit had worth to his Father, and I urge you all to take a moment and read the post his Father wrote.


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A Creepy and Free Ghost Story

Willie Miekle, Scottish writer, extraordanaire has a nice little ghost story up free. check it out, it’s pretty damn good.


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Some good news

I’ve finally found a home for my interview with TM Wright. While I can’t say just where yet, I am simply happy to have found a place for it.  Once I get the rest of my question back from Terry, it’s a matter of writing it up, doing some editing and sending it off. There will also be a nice piece of artowrk to his new novel Ble Canoe accompanying it.

Doing this interview meant a lot to me. For those who remember, when I started this blog almost a year ago, I did a review of his novella Eyes of the Carp. I talked about how much of an inspration he was to my own writing, and made me want to try my hand at fiction. Being able to do this interview, and have it read in a nice market, means a lot. Terry is not lny a great writer, but a hell of a nice guy too. It was an honor to be able to write this, and once some details are ironed out, I’ll post more info about where the interview will be published.

In other news, I spent Friday night with the first b/f I ever had in AZ. We ran into one another at the post office, and it was as if 25 plus years hadn’t passed. While I don’t think anything will develop from it, it certainly was a nice time and looking forward to seeing him again.

But it also got me thinking about another ex, one who I went out with for a far shorter time but left a far more permanent impression on me. I looked him up on facebook, and lo and behold there he was.

It’s been a week of reflection for me, and something that for once, wasn’t tinged with regret and remorse.

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